Unpublished Papers

  1. A Curve Fitting Fast Fourier Transform
  2. A Shannon Interpolation Function Derived Discrete Fourier Transform

  3. Use of the Trigonometric Polynomial in Thin Aerofoil Theory

  4. Alternative Forms of the Discrete Fourier Transform

  5. Comparative Leakage of a Discrete Fourier Transform Based on the Aliased Fourier Series

  6. An Improved Symmetrical Discrete Fourier Transform

  7. Fourier Transform Compensation for Data Windowing

  8. The Analytic Trigonometric Polynomial – Laurent Series Relationship

  9. A Simple Method of Transfer Function Stability Assessment

  10. Dynamic System Instability Detection Using Laurent Series

  11. Generalised Trigonometric Polynomial Solution of the Neumann Problem

  12. Generalisations of the Discrete Fourier Transform

  13. Communication Theory Function Generalisations and Interrelationships

  14. Use of the Analytic Sinc Function to Suppress Noise

  15. An Enhanced Discrete Fourier Transform

  16. Accuracy of the Enhanced Discrete Fourier Transform

  17. A Robust Curve Fitting and Analysis Algorithm

  18. Discrete Forms of the Pre-envelope and its Fourier Transform

  19. An Analytically Derived Discrete Fourier Transform

  20. Efficient Direct Solutions for Boundary Value Problems for the Two-dimensional Laplace and Biharmonic Equations

  21. The Discrete Cosine Transform

  22. Fast Discrete Aligned Fourier Transform Data Compression

  23. Elucidating and Generalising the Discrete Fourier Transform

  24. Complex Variable and Fourier Analysis for Engineering Science Applications

  25. An IT Anomaly and Its Resolution

  26. A Data Smoothing Sampling Theorem

  27. A Harmonically Smoothed Discrete Fourier transform

  28. Aerofoil Design Using the Surface Inclination

  29. Aliased Fourier Series Leakage Suppression

  30. An Interpolating DFT, Generalisation and Application

  31. An Optimised Data Compression Transform

  32. Comparative Performance of the DFT, DCT and EDFT

  33. A Comparison Of Three Analytical Transfer Functions

  34. Data Compression Using the Enhanced Discrete Fourier Transform and the Data Smoothing Sampling Theorem

  35. Developments Leading to the Enhanced Discrete Fourier Transform

  36. Digital Signal Processing Primer

  37. Direct DSP Filter Transfer Function Design

  38. Flexible Transfer Function Design

  39. Signal Compression Using the Enhanced Discrete Fourier Transform

  40. Streamlining Data Compression

  41. Tailored Rational Transfer Function Design

  42. Two-dimensional EDFT and HSDFT