Other Work

Improved Digital Signals Processing:

This work relates to an invention in the Digital Signals Processing (DSP) area.

The invention delivers an improved method of converting time domain signals to the frequency domain and back again as follows;.

  • It does so with less computation, resulting in faster conversions (savings of about 30%)
  • The result is a greater degree of compression (40+% greater compression) for transmission &/or storage purposes
  • A much improved representation of the original analogue signal when it is eventually reconstituted (close to lossless)

The above results are achieved when compared to the current Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Discrete Sine Transform (DST) methods.

The invention has applications in all areas where DCTs and DSTs are used today to convert analogue signals to digital signals for transmission and/or storage and then back again including sound, photography, movies, 3D imaging in medical and other imaging technologies and general data storage and transmission.

So far we have undertaken a 60 hour online Espacenet patent search using about 30 keywords alone, and in combination, as well as a detailed classification search and we see nothing close to this invention.

We are in the process of obtaining an international patent and will look to licence this to a suitable partner or partners in the key global markets including the Americas, Europe and Asia as appropriate.

Anyone wanting to get involved in this exciting project who has suitable expertise and can clearly add value to the project should contact Richard via. his email, which can be found on the contact page (See CONTACT RICHARD,) or the link below.