A note from Richard

Riemann’s Hypothesis dates back to 1859 and since then many great mathematical minds around the world have tried to prove it. Recently, some very eminent people have speculated that, after 157 years of effort, the proof of Riemann’s Hypothesis may need to come from someone with a new perspective on the problem.

I discovered a new and promising perspective approximately 10 years ago and I have been working since that time to finalise, fine tune and verify the proof which I am now ready to publish.

As an engineer and research scientist I recognise that my proof may not fit the precise format preferred by today’s mathematicians however I am confident the proof is valid as the logic leads to an incontrovertible proof of Riemann’s Hypothesis. (See RICHARD'S APPROACH)

Further, since the proof employs no higher than university first-degree mathematics (See MATHEMATICS USED) in Science or Engineering, it should be understandable by a wide range of people.

For an 11 page PDF copy of the proof, go to Riemann's Hypothesis Proof > Download PDF or Click Here.

I welcome any comments, questions or support for my approach to my email address below or via the contact page (See CONTACT PAGE). In particular if any suitably qualified mathematicians out there would like to collaborate with me in formulating this proof to conform to the strict requirements of the mathematical community - particularly the Clay Mathematics Institute - I’d be glad to discuss this further.

In the meantime I’d be pleased to answer any questions or clarify any aspects of the proof as requested.